Coir Yarn

Premium Quality

Coir Yarn

Premium Quality


The Coir Yarn is produced either with white or brown fiber and is manually or semi mechanically spun. The Coir Yarn is used for manufacturing of mats / matting and carpets, rubber based brush mats / mattings, nettings / Geo-textiles (landscaping and on embankments of road construction for prevention of soil erosion). The company is offering this Coir Yarn at competitive prices. We are a trusted Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Coir Yarn.

Features :

Usage : Weaving or Knitting process to form eco-friendly fabrics, Carpets, etc.

Application : Mat Making, Hop Cultivation, Construction Industry, Agriculture Farms, etc.

Properties :

Colour : Brown, Golden Brown

Diameter : 3mm, 6mm

FibreLength : 100mm to 200mm

Moisture : (15% (Max 15%)

Packing & Shipping

Packing :As per the customer's requirements

BaleWeight : 10 Kg

Container Loadability :As per the customer's requirements